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Gena’s Busiest Week Ever: Day Four

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Last week, ATM’s sales director, Gena, set out to have the busiest week she’d ever had. Check out the fourth-and-almost-final day of her quest.

Thursday, February 4:
4 meetings
1 lunch
1 drink
1 dinner
157 miles driven

Appointment #1: I started my day in the best possible place: a spa. I met with Melissa Hernandez at Full Circle Wellness Center, who just moved into a new location on north Fourth Street. It’s definitely the most tranquil spa in Los Ranchos. Melissa’s menu of services is almost too long to list—suffice it to say, she’s got something for everyone. She renovated the building to add a magnificent eastern view from the salon room. I learned about her organic product line, the “green” nail polish, and their private exercise room. Wish I could’ve gotten a massage before I left—I’m gonna need one by Sunday.

Appointment #2: I met with the lovely sales and marketing ladies of Hotel Albuquerque for lunch in their café. If you haven’t been on a tour of the newest venue in the city, I encourage you to schedule one. Casa Esencia is the old Maria Theresa restaurant on Rio Grande. The hotel purchased the building, renovated it, and redesigned it into a post private event center. This place is soon going to be the must-go place to see and be seen.

Appointment #3: When I first walked into ABQ PetCare, I felt like I’d forgotten something. I’ve never been to a vet clinic without a pet! Turns out it’s a more relaxing experience without a sick puppy—and it’s a great mood-maker. See this puppy? I played with her for 15 minutes before my appointment with the docs. She’s a Yorkie, just like mine (shout out to Buckley!), and now, I believe I know what I’m asking for my next birthday. Dr. Tim and Dr. Kerry are a father-daughter veterinarian team. Dr. Kerry opened the practice last September. They’re open seven days a week. She gave me some great advice for my little Yorkie and also mentioned that she has a call-in radio show every other Sunday at 1 p.m. on 770 KKOB.

Appointment #4: Derrick Lente and I met for coffee at Starbucks (I’ve got a ginormous to-go cup collection in my car from all my coffee dates this week). Derrick owns Spherion in ABQ. I could plug his business, but I’d rather tell you about how much of a great guy he is. He has a staff of four, and every time I see them they are the happiest people around. He’s not only a good boss, but an all around fun guy. He sponsored a team in ATM’s Corporate Roll last year, and even though they didn’t win (he disagrees with my scoring system) he was a good sport. Look for some cool stuff between ATM and Spherion. We’ve got a lot of big ideas.

Appointment #5: Zea Rotisserie and Grill is, for me, the best happy hour on Montgomery. It’s close to work, its got a great drink menu, and they have specials such as $2 off appetizers. You can get their incredible Mediterranean hummus and a glass of wine for $10. General manager Chuck Lindsay was there to greet us, and reminded me that I’ve got to try their desserts… not til dinner though. And that’s another appointment all together.

Appointment #6: Page Fullerton, advertising manager at ATM, is as busy as I am this week. Then again, she’s always busy. We found time to have drinks with our good friend over at Rick Johnson & Company. Page and I couldn’t convince Laura Cowan to drink Jack Daniels with us (and, for the record, she didn’t drink at all until after 5 p.m.). Whenever we get together, it’s normally down to business, but this time I made Laura email me after the meeting because we were having too much fun catching up. Here is some of our plan to take over the world (or at least part of Albuquerque):

  • Enchantment Pet Resort in Rio Rancho was featured in our February issue, and they’re coming on board for our new Pet Section in 2010.
  • Papa John’s is already an annual advertiser with ATM. They had a killer Super Bowl deal, but check the ATM Facebook page for secret specials.
  • Garcia Automotive: I bought an Infiniti last year, and I love it. We’re hoping to get them in for a bigger presence this year.

Appointment #7: Over an excellent dinner at Artichoke Café, I learned that Dr. Julian Rowe and Dr. Judy Lei of Integrative Med Spa have finally found a permanent home at 3846 Masthead St. NE, over by Journal Center. They just celebrated their grand opening last month and are still enjoying the newness of their beautiful space. They offer the latest in anti-aging, coupled with integrative Chinese Medicine and supplements. Dr. Rowe is an OB/GYN and Dr. Lei is a pediatrician as well as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Together, they make an incredible couple and great business partners. They just put up their first outdoor billboard on I-25 North, near the ATM offices and are planning on unveiling a new treatment in March (watch the pages of ATM for more info!).

Gena’s week is almost up—be sure to check in for some special guest stars!

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Favorite Things Friday: The ATM Reader Version

Posted: January 29th, 2010 | Author: lexi | Comments: 5 Comments | Post a Comment »

Albuquerque at NightOn Fridays, we love talking about some of the things we’ve been talking about in the ATM offices during the rest of the week—events, products, foods, local newsy stuff, experiences we’re looking forward to. Basically, it’s a weekly recap on the stuff we love about ABQ.

But today’s blog entry is a collaborative effort. We posted a callout on Facebook and Twitter, asking you to send us some of your favorite things and immediately—seriously, two minutes later—got a slew of really fun responses. Not to sound like the cheesiest person in the entire world, but being the recipient of your enthusiasm and optimism about Duke City-area things really added a lot of energy to what had started out as a very gray and sleepy day.

So here are some of your favorite things—and ours, too!

ATM staffers Page, Erin, and Phil are headed to Angel Fire this weekend for the Powderkeg Festival—”Awesome skiing! They got nine inches of snow in the last 48 hours,” says Page.

“I put Comfort Foods’ Green Chile Seasoning in and on just about everything I cook. It’s delicious.” —Jessica, ATM DateBook Editor

“One of my favorite things is Hotel Andaluz’s restaurant Lucia’s GRILLED OYSTERS!” —Ana Liu, via email

Agora Crisis Center for volunteer opportunities and compassionate support!” —Molly Brack, via email

“1. The film industry; 2. Thai temple on Zuni; 3. Tahitian dancing with Mana Tahiti; 4. The NM Marathon; 5. Wesst; 6. Festival of Asian Cultures; 7. The Folk Festival; 8. West African dancing at Maple Street; 9. Talin; 10. The Doggie Dash and Dawdle. I could go on and on… I really love this place.” —Lava Buckley, via email

“A weekly relaxing prenatal message at the Crystal Mountain School of Massage by Kirk Sugars. Awesome place and staff! They have regular massage packages as well.” —Lesley Engee, via Facebook

“One of the things we look forward to every year is the Zoo concert series. They are the best and oh, so Albuquerque. How about the gazillions of wonderful hiking trails we can hit in the summer? The aroma of green chile roasting all over town in the fall; the many wine festivals, the awesome day trips to fabulous sites close to town, including San Antonio, the Jemez Mountains, Madrid, and so many others.” —Conny Nichols, via Facebook

“That you can ski in the morning and play nine holes of golf in the afternoon.” —Joe Diaz, Action 7 News, via Facebook

“Eating at Sadie’s! :) ” —Leigh-Jo Anzures, via Facebook

“The glorious mixing-up of different cultures.” —Will Reichard, via Facebook

“One of my favorite things about ABQ is Souper Bowl, the fund-raiser for the Roadrunner Food Bank. I’ll be there tomorrow, and I hope to see all of you there too!” —Michael Custorelli, via Facebook

Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ.” —Christie Bundy, via Facebook

Just Muffin Around!” —Rafael S. Figueroa, via Facebook

Flying Star for office meetings, NMSO for a bit of culture on a Friday night, and walking in the foothills of the Sandias on a Saturday afternoon.” —Lisa Abeyta, via Facebook

“Ooh, Old Town, Balloon Fiesta,walking in the foothills off Tramway, the Flying Star’s key lime pie, El Pinto salsa, and fresh fruits and veggies from the Los Poblanos farm! And for my favorite beauty products I hit Sephora. :) ” —Jeniffer Davis, 770 KKOB, via Facebook

“The city lights: specifically, the view of the light going Eastbound on I-40, coming from Route 66 Casino!” —Kristelle Siarza, via Facebook

Have anything else to add? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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A Photo of a Photo Shoot

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Love this picture (by ATM photographer, Don): our creative director, Vicki, directing a photo shoot of ATM staffers donning the season’s hottest shoes (from Zapatos) for a spread in an upcoming issue of the mag.


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