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What’s Your Favorite New Gadget?

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kindle2_front1OK, this post is sort of borne of several thoughts that jumbled together all at once this morning: 1) that our assistant editor, Jenna, said something the other day about needing some audio books to keep her entertained on her long rides back to Las Cruces; 2) that I have a Kindle, and have enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would (though still remain a fan of paper books, and always will, but I admit that there’s something cool about reading entire books on the tablet and even via my iPhone; 3) (and most randomly) there’s also a new e-reader is called “Lexi,” which just struck me as a sort of weird name. But I, of course, am biased on the subject.`

All of which made me think about gadgets of the future, and exciting technology, and what sorts of gadgets you’re more excited about. Besides, at the start of a new decade, it’s natural to envision what tomorrow’s Brave New World could have in store, right?

So what do you think: is there anything out there that’s particularly intriguing to you? Are you smitten with any gadget right now?

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A Photo of a Photo Shoot

Posted: October 13th, 2009 | Author: lexi | Comments: 1 Comment | Post a Comment

Love this picture (by ATM photographer, Don): our creative director, Vicki, directing a photo shoot of ATM staffers donning the season’s hottest shoes (from Zapatos) for a spread in an upcoming issue of the mag.


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True Confessions of an ATMer: I’m (Now) a Coupon Clipper

Posted: May 21st, 2009 | Author: Page | Comments: 3 Comments | Post a Comment »

Albuquerque The Magazine's Ultimate Restaurant GuideFor the first blog from the ATM Advertising Department, I wanted to write about something cool. And fun. And about something that you wouldn’t know about the Magazine just by looking at it.

It’s no secret that here at Albuquerque The Magazine, food is not only something we love to write about—indulging in the city’s always-eclectic and creative cuisine has become one of our most beloved pastimes. That’s why our annual Food & Wine issue is always one of our favorites to put together.

After publishing last year’s edition full of all things food, we collectively decided that in the future, the issue needed something more—and that something was more food. Enter the first-ever Albuquerque The Magazine Ultimate Restaurant Guide.

Creating the Restaurant Guide was, quite honestly, a labor of love. From the first time I saw Tom (our Senior Graphic Designer)’s first design concepts to the moment I folded and tore out my first coupon (which was for an amazing buy-one-get-one-free smoothie deal at Keva Juice), I was enamored.

However, our rose-colored lenses faded ever so slightly when we realized that we had less than 3 weeks to put the piece together. The next several days became a whirlwind of Liz (our Photo Director) visiting 45 restaurants to shoot photos, Lexi and Jess compiling more than 40 perfect food-related lists, and me collecting from the restaurant owners mouth-watering menu samples and awesome coupon offers. I even recall one occasion upon which Tom and I found ourselves on an after-hours phone call to our printer to make triple sure the coupon perforations were in just the right spot.

Tom and I are now tighter than ever, and I inadvertently learned the basics of Adobe InDesign. I still laugh because I was probably more excited than anyone else in the entire city to pick up the Restaurant Guide and use my first coupon. The Guide now lives happily in my glove compartment. I hope there’s one in yours, too.

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