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A Day in the Life of an ATM Intern

Posted: November 6th, 2009 | Author: lexi | Comments: No Comments; | Post a Comment »

blog picturefunWhen I started at ATM, I had no idea what to expect. Obtaining my internship was a challenge in itself, but I quickly realized that was the easy part. It’s true, we interns are usually stressed, but who isn’t?

Intern usually means that you have a variety of duties. Officially, I’m the marketing intern, but I have many tasks that I tend to—as does everyone else who works here—which makes the job interesting. Not only does everyone work on their individual tasks, but they also help out with all events and functions hosted by the magazine. (They’re fun, so no one minds.)

Working here has been such a learning experience for me. I have learned new programs, web editing, editorial techniques, and—most importantly—time management. There are moments when it seems the work will never end and everyone is working feverishly to meet deadlines. And then there are those fun, relaxing occurrences when we all meet after work to carve pumpkins for interoffice competitions. So much fun!

This opportunity that we have been given as interns has been amazing. There are challenges that we face everyday due to inexperience, but we’re still learning, and that is exactly what an internship is for. Since working at for magazine, I’ve been exposed to real world experience and have developed skills that I can later take with me. Being an ATM intern is a lot of work, but I can guarantee, it’s the best place in town to be an intern.

Sara Bachis is Albuquerque The Magazine’s marketing intern. Blake Walker, ATM’s graphic design intern, crafted the nifty photo above.

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A Photo of a Photo Shoot

Posted: October 13th, 2009 | Author: lexi | Comments: 1 Comment | Post a Comment

Love this picture (by ATM photographer, Don): our creative director, Vicki, directing a photo shoot of ATM staffers donning the season’s hottest shoes (from Zapatos) for a spread in an upcoming issue of the mag.


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Things Are Looking Up

Posted: September 30th, 2009 | Author: lexi | Comments: 3 Comments | Post a Comment »

dsc_5356jpgEvery year, Albuquerqueans look forward to a legendary event, one that signifies the true beginning of fall.

I’m referring to, of course, the annual opening of the first bag of candy corn.

No, I’m kidding (though I did just sample my first candy corn of the season, and I’d be lying if I said that the air didn’t suddenly feel a little crisper). It’s the Balloon Fiesta that makes most Albuquerqueans think “fall,” and since it’s gearing up for an October 3 launch (pardon the pun), it looks like fall is officially here.

But look: there are a few new things to look forward to at the Balloon Fiesta this year. Take a look at a few of the events that have landed in my inbox:

October 2–4, the 5th Annual ECHO Chain Saw Carving Championship is back, carving for the Make-a-Wish Foundation of New Mexico. Championship the same year. Four professional carvers will compete for cash prizes and the prestigious ECHO Carving Cup. They have 22 hours to produce masterpiece sculptures under the theme: “The Great American Southwest.”

October 9–11, Wahl Trimmers sets up a 30-foot mobile barbershop at the Balloon Fiesta as part of its Let It Grow Tour. Wahl’s stylists will be doing free trims, and there are demos by the master barber. Plus, Wahl will be holding a Man of the Year contest to name the best beard, goatee, and mustache in the country—for every entry into the contest $2 will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LiveStrong.

… and there’s plenty more to report. Watch this space!

Are you going to the Balloon Fiesta? What’s your favorite part of this time of year?

photo: Ray Wyatt

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Favorite Things Friday

Posted: September 18th, 2009 | Author: lexi | Comments: 1 Comment | Post a Comment

It’s Friday—time for a wrap-up of all the stuff the ATM staff has been dishing about this week, from weekend events to wascally wabbits (okay, maybe not wabbits) and everything else that we’ve been chatting about.

breakingbadBreaking Bad. True confession: some of us only just started watching this ABQ-based, ABQ-filmed, award-winning show (while other ATMers have been diehard fans since the very beginning!). After a company-sponsored viewing party of the first episode, you can add more of us to the “fans” list (and we were pretty psyched to see the show filming at 12th and Candelaria earlier this week!).

The new Mark Diamond’s location at 8000 Paseo del Norte NE (near the Flying Star Café at Wyoming). Says sales director Gena: “It’s beautiful!”

Gillian Armour’s “Show Me the Fashion” (a workshop by the renowned image consultant on how to create a 15-piece wardrobe for less than $500) on September 19. Because, let’s face it, we could all use a little help with our style choices sometimes.

motorcycle-bootsAnd: I was just watching this motorcycle police officer outside my window, thinking a) I wonder if it would be scary to just sit in freeway traffic like that, and b) I would like to find a pair of boots like his (horrible picture, I apologize).

What have you been talking about this week? What are you most looking forward to this weekend?
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The Tiniest Hint of Fall

Posted: September 9th, 2009 | Author: lexi | Comments: 6 Comments | Post a Comment »

67907473_925f0cb5b6Did anyone else wake up and smell that tiny whiff of autumn in the air? I swear, no matter how old I get, that particular smell will remind me of school. Of crisp pieces of Big Chief tablet paper, boxes of 24 number-two pencils, Trapper Keepers, rubber erasers, and ham-and-cheese sandwiches on whole wheat with mayo. Of a butterflies-in-the-stomach excitement (and a little apprehension) to meet new friends and wear new fall shoes.

Anyone else thinking fall thoughts? Are you starting to make plans for an autumn getaway or anything cool like that?

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Favorite Things Friday

Posted: September 4th, 2009 | Author: lexi | Comments: No Comments; | Post a Comment »

It’s Friday—and a really, really good Friday, at that. Why? Because there are some truly awesome things happening this weekend that we’ve been talking about here in the ATM offices all week long. Really, check it out:

The El Toro margarita at Nob Hill Bar and Grill. If this description doesn’t wet your whistle, nothing will: “Silver Tequila, St. Germain, fresh oranges, fresh lime and prickly pear pureé.” Ahh, refreshing.

It’s the first weekend of the Maize Maze! If you’ve never been lost in a labyrinth of corn, you just haven’t lived, we say. This year’s maze is seven acres of corn cut into the shape of a monarch butterfly!

The New Mexico Wine Festival in Bernalillo—it’s here! The over-21 set can sample their way through the state’s tastiest wines (plus score a free commemorative glass and buy some very cool crafts and New Mexican-made foods). But there’s plenty for the under-21 set to do, too—music, kids’ activities, and more.
Time-saving tips: buy your tickets online and take the Rail Runner there and back.

New Mexico’s CW is apparently recruiting for a viral video tomorrow. We’re fascinated—and intrigued.

This isn’t a weekend activity, but we’ve been “aww”-ing over this news all day (thus guaranteeing your weekend starts on the right foot): the Rio Grande Zoo’s new baby elephant. She’s wrinkly, adorable, and already 318 pounds.

What are you up to this weekend? What are some ABQ things that make you smile?

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Favorite Things Friday

Posted: August 28th, 2009 | Author: lexi | Comments: 3 Comments | Post a Comment »

585TGIF! Are you ready for the weekend (and yes, this might be a rhetorical question…!)?

Here’s a few of the things we in the ATM offices have been chatting about, and, yes, looking forward to all week long.

Chama River and Brewing Company’s Green Chile and Ale Fondue, which I can’t even type without getting ridiculously hungry.

The Def Leppard/Poison/Cheap Trick concert tonight at Journal Pavilion. (If you go, keep an eye out for Liz, our photo director… she’ll be rocking out in full hair-metal regalia—well, maybe not, but she is excited about the concert.)

Bubonicon. Yes, some of us are closet (and not-so-closet) sci fi and fantasy fanatics.

More about these next week, but we’re already getting ready for the New Mexico Wine Festival in Bernalillo next weekend, and the State Fair the weekend after (is it seriously almost September? And the summer went where, exactly?).

What are you up to this weekend? Got any favorites to share with us?

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Where Do You Find Poetry in ABQ?

Posted: August 20th, 2009 | Author: lexi | Comments: 1 Comment | Post a Comment

3288429523_18b223d135If your email inbox is anything like mine, you see a lot of spam. I mean, a lot. I’m looking at my junk folder right now, and the count is 194 messages—194 received just today. (And, in fact, the reason I’m blogging about this particular subject tonight is that I just checked the spam filter for this site and found an amazing number of faux comments. Some are obviously fake—I’m looking at you, messages written entirely in Russian—where, in others, the spambots at least try to make it look like there’s a real person on the other end by complimenting the content).

But the whole point of this blog entry—and I promise, I do have one—is that some spam messages can be poetic if read the right way. There’s something about the way the words are all twirled around in unexpected ways… they can be weirdly lovely. Dr. Seussian, even, or e.e. cummings-esque.

Albuquerque has a truly phenomenal slam poetry community, but do you think anyone could ever be a spam poet? If so, here’s my entry to the genre, culled entirely from the subject lines and body text of spam messages:

II. The Four Winds

stay and read this rude inscription
today I bought a book of stamps
in the summer you are roaming
order status, letters, prize, lamps

a limiting polo shirt
a jogging big cheese
immobilize eyelash
fun, false-hood free

Okay, the spam poetry art form will never eclipse real poetry, that’s for sure.

But seriously… the city is filled with poems, and people who know where to find them (there’s a reason so many writers live here!) But where do you find poetry here? In the mountains? The sunset? What inspires you?

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Do You Photoshop Your Family Photos?

Posted: August 12th, 2009 | Author: lexi | Comments: 2 Comments | Post a Comment »

503545477_132cf0ddebIt’s no secret that magazines use Photoshop to touch up pictures before they publish them—a flyaway hair here, a smudge there. The art wizards here at ATM use Photoshop, too, to adjust lighting levels and remove shadows and that kind of thing.

I was just reading about the somewhat controversial issue that recently hit Self magazine lately when they admitted they dramatically altered their cover image of Kelly Clarkson. (They aren’t the only ones—check out a few befores and afters of celebs that have been shot for other publications)

The editor-in-chief of Self has an interesting explanation as to what they did and why they did it on her blog, which you should read—especially if you’re a woman, because she says their Photoshop use helps women aspire to “be their best,” and I’m curious what you think about that.

But what was especially interesting is that she reveals that she edits her own personal photos—not saving images where her kids are grumpy, say, or removing a pound or two from pictures of herself.

The thing is, this is not just something that people in the publishing industry do. I have at least a half-dozen acquaintances who have admitted they digitally alter their own photos—pictures that aren’t going on magazine covers, billboards, or ads. They’re not going anywhere but into their archives and family albums.

There are definitely some photos of me that I think would be better off retouched (or thrown out), but I have this thing about wanting to preserve a moment as it really is. If I looked horrible on Christmas morning, I may hate the photos now—but in 20 years, at least I’ll know that the photos represent reality. And knowing that will trigger a memory: “Oh, that’s right. I looked tired and haggard because I was tired and haggard—we were up until midnight on Christmas Eve drinking champagne and watching old movies.”

What about you—do you Photoshop your family pics? Why or why not?

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Where the Wild Things Are—ABQ’s Native Animals

Posted: July 23rd, 2009 | Author: lexi | Comments: 4 Comments | Post a Comment »

img_2017After a week of scalding-hot temperatures, we finally had a much-needed downpour—and it was a doozy. There were huge lakes of water at intersections all over the city and the irrigation ditches were roaring, fast and furious.

The day after the rains, I found this teensy little turtle in my backyard. I have never, ever—in my entire time living in ABQ—found a peripatetic turtle, anywhere. He was about the size of two half-dollars and moved fast (that fairy-tale stuff about the tortoise and the hare? Not necessarily based in fact). Did he show up because of the rain? If so, why? Where did he come from? How on earth did he get over my patio wall?

One of the interesting things about our city is that we really are surrounded by wildlife. It’s not out of the ordinary to see coyotes, hawks, raccoons and more over the course of a normal day. We even have organizations, such as Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico, to help wild animals when our urban lifestyle invades their territory—which, as the city grows, is more and more important.

Have you had a wildlife encounter in ABQ? (And if you have any turtle facts for me, I’ll take ‘em!)

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